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NALS 2014

Empowering the Next Generation of Malaysians; Shaping the Future of Our Nation


YB Khairy Jamaluddin

Umno Youth Laeder

Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor

Malaysian orthopaedic surgeon and the first Malaysian astronaut

Ariff Yassir

Assistant Director

Ahmad El Muhammady

Matriculation Lecturer

Onn Hafiz Ghazi

Umno Youth Laeder

Syed Saddiq

Asia’s best debater

Ustaz Fathul Bari

Exco Pergerakan Pemuda UMNO

Dr.Asyraf Wajdi

Deputy Minister in Prime Minister’s Department (Religious Affairs)

Senator Dato' Dr. Masyitah Ibrahim

Former Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister



Youth Parliament : Channeling the voices of young Malaysians

By YB Khairy Jamaluddin


Continuing a legacy vs implementing new ideas : A delicate balancing act
By Syed Saddiq, Ariff Yassir & Farhan Yunus (Moderator)


Youth as problem solvers : Ingenuity in nation building
By Dr.Asyraf Wajdi, Ahmad El Muhammady, On Hafiz Ghazi & Hafiz Ariffin (Moderator)


Achieving your dream : Sky is the limit or is it space?
By Dr.Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor


Islam dan hak asasi manusia : Kebebasan sifat atau kepercayaan hakiki?
By Ustaz Fahrul Bahri, Senator Dato’ Dr. Masyitah Ibrahim & Anwar Hadi (Moderator)


Fatin Sajeeda Abdul Shakor

Director (Board of Director)

Muhammad Izzat Abdul Halim

Director (Board of Director)

Madiha Abd Manaf

Manager (Operation & Logistics) Administrative & Operation Unit

Nur Farah Latep

Manager (Secretariat) Administrative & Operation Unit

Siti Nur Sarah Salleh

Manager (Operation & Volunteers) Administrative & Operation Unit

Mohamad Ashraf Mohamad Haleed

Manager (Food & Beverages) Administrative & Operation Unit

Hanin Razak

Manager (Treasury) Administrative & Operation Unit

Nuraishah Sofia Hamshi Mohamad Fatmi

Manager (Government) Corporate Relation

Muhamad Farhan Yunas

Manager (Individual) Corporate Relation Unit

Wan Nurul Atikah Wan Bahador

Manager (Corporate) Corporate Relation Unit

Abdul Syafiq Ab Gani

Manager (Theme) Think Tank Unit

Farah Izzati Ahmad Rushdi

Manager (Topics) Think Tank Unit

Syara Aqilah Sakdon

Manager(Topics) Think Tank Unit

Diyanah Rahiman Dawood

Manager (Overall) Speakers Communication & Management Unit

Najwa Zam Zam

Manager (HalfSession) Speakers Communication & Management Unit

Nuramni Fatira Mohd Nizam

Manager (Others Session) Speakers Communication & Management Unit

Muhammad Syaqib Zainuddin

Manager (Online) Participants Communication & Management Unit

Aleeya Shaheera Mohd Salleh

Manager (University Based) Participants Communication & Management Unit

Nur Azmira Elena Nurhazli

Manager(VIP) Participants Communication & Management Unit

Ezzah Farhana Jamil Hikal

Manager (Photography) Media & Promotion

Fatin Akmal Hassim

Manager (SocialMedia) Media & Promotion Unit

Rehanna Razif

Manager (Mainstream Media) Media & Promotion Unit

Khairunnisa Nadia Hairon

Manager (SocialMedia) Media & Promotion Unit

Haziq Asyraf Marzuki

Manager (WebDesign) IT & Creative Media Unit

Abdul Shakir Abu Samah

Manager (Illustration) IT & Creative Media Unit

Azlin Shahida

Manager(Motion Graphics) IT & Creative Media Unit



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Copyright © 2017 National Aspiration & Leadership Symposium (NALS).
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